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At A Glance: Production Assistant

Production assistants are responsible for helping production workers by performing duties like supplying or holding materials, and preparing and cleaning the work area and equipment. They work with a variety of tools, materials, and machines and ensure that work is completed in a safe and timely manner. To become a Production Assistant requires at least a high school diploma and on-the-job training. Some positions may require additional training, certification or apprenticeships. Production assistants earn an average of $13.33 an hour and the need for assistants is increasing. This is often an entry-level position and can be a great opportunity for knowledge and skill building.

Entry Level Requirements


High School Diploma

Production Assistants require at least a high school diploma. Many manufacturers will provide on-the job-training to ensure workers are familiar with their processes, equipment, and materials. Prior training, like pre-apprenticeship or certificate programs, can help workers be prepared to meet their employer's expectations.
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Production industry is

5th highest
ranked job in the TEAM region with 117,893 jobs in 2018.

How much can I make?

Hourly Rate: $10 - $20/HR.

Job Details: Production Assistant

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Commonly Performed Tasks

Production Assistants fill many roles in manufacturing. They ensure that work stations, machines, tools, and materials are prepared and available for their co-workers. Their role is crucial to maintaining safety standards and meeting production goals. Because they assist machinists, technicians, and many others, their tasks can vary day to day.
  • Start machines or equipment to begin production processes
  • Load and unload items from machines, conveyors, and conveyances
  • Assist machine operators and operate machines in the production process
  • Place products in equipment or on work surfaces for further processing, inspecting, or wrapping
  • Examine products to verify they meet quality standards

Required Job Skills

Production Assistants support their co-workers by helping prepare the work environment with tools and materials necessary to do the job. Their work requires specific skills, abilities and knowledge to do their jobs effectively.
  • Knowledge of machines, tools, and materials
  • Actively listen and follow directions
  • Commitment to safety, quality, and precision
  • Physical strength and dexterity

Education & Training Information

Programs and Opportunities

Butler County Community College - Main Campus
Program: Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship
Certification: Certificate
Length: 3 Months / 150 Hours
Community College of Allegheny County - West Hills Center
Program: Industrial Manufacturing Technician
Certification: Certificate
Length: 18 Month Apprenticeship Program

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